CAMpRA - Campaign for Real Aires

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Lets get proper facilities for Motorhomes and Campervans in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Europe has realised the benefits for tourism from encouraging Motorhomers to visit but they can only stay if they can get access to fresh water and facilities for chemical toilets.

We are active on Facebook here and can be contacted there as well.

Please download and use the files -

A Guide to Aires

Aire Flyer

Charistics of a Motorhome

Council Advice

If Anyone Wishes to Copy - Draft Letter to send

Letter to Local Councillor

Message your local Visit (Anytown)

Motorhome Parking Draft Letter to York Council

Motorhome Parking Draft Letter Template - Take whatever parts of it you need

Perth and Kinross Council - Our Approach to Tacking Irresponsible Camping

Sample letter to your local Town

Target List

Waste Disposal Points

Our map, continually updated

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